B r i g g s d a l e   C o u n t y   S h o o t i s t s
Amidst working cattle ranches and tall grass prairie, you'll find a bit of the Old West in the
a fully sanctioned and affiliated member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)

* N e x t   M o n t h l y   S A S S   S h o o t *

The next shoot will be the Iron Cowboy May 28-29, 2022
There will be 12 stages each day. $20 per day.
You may shoot all or any part that you want.
There will be a 22 category, shot any style you want.
You must shoot all 24 stages with normal cowboy guns to
be in the running for 2022 Iron Cowboy or 2022 Iron Cowgirl.
Please read the revised rules in regards to COVID-19.

Download the 2022 wavier form fill it out and bring with you to the match.
Registration is a 8:30 am and the shooting commences at 9:30 am year round.

* 5 t h   S u n d a y   S h o o t *
The next 5th Sunday will be the second day of the
2022 Iron Cowboy/Cowgirl 24 stage endurance shoot
May 28-29, 2022
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