John & Georganne
Angel, Mandy & Emma Lou

Welcome to Peaceful Acres

Ms Dovey Mae & Marshal Jack Murphy
John and Georganne
Marshal Jack Murphy and Ms Dovey Mae
Welcome, Peaceful Acres is located in the foothills of northern Colorado just west of Bellvue. Georganne and I, John spend most of our time enjoying our beautiful 10 acres, known as Peaceful Acres, with our three precious little girls; Angel, Emma and Mandy (aka TROUBLE).

I am a R&D IC Test Development Engineer for Avago Technologies LTD. in Fort Collins, Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University in 1987 after 12 years of going to school and working for Hewlett-Packard.

When not at home or work you can find me out on the shooting range keeping the peace playing the game of Cowboy Action Shooting . . .
Son Marcel, Granddaughter Amanda, Georganne and John
The Girls
The Girls: Angle, Mandy and Emma
Granddaughter Amanda Maree
Our granddaughter, Amanda Maree, lives in gulf coast Texas south of Galveston about 1250 miles from our house. We don't see her near as much as we would like to. Her dad, Marcel, lives here in Colorado and misses her very much.

Dad and Mom
John Sr. (Dad) May he Rest In Peace
& Dorothy (Mom)
Georganne's Mom
Georganne's Mom
May she Rest In Peace